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Growers Blog - Items filtered by date: March 2012
Sunday, 18 March 2012 22:19

And today we planted

Yep, today we planted an assortment of beans, red and white onion sets (I can smell the soup already). We also planted some more of the beetroot that went so well last year and some of those strips of carrot seed. Such a good idea.


I really must get around to drawing up a garden plan and adding it to this blog so I can remember where I put everything!


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Sunday, 18 March 2012 22:13

Then we tilled

We decided to spend a couple of hours at the allotment and see how much of the newly dug soil we could get raked and tilled to start planting. In a little over two hours again we had levelled and tilled the whole plot apart from a square under the netting and the garlic patch that the veg theives had left us.


Again this seemed like a doddle, I think it was because I had not been battered by the sheer toil and exhaustion of digging the soil.

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Sunday, 18 March 2012 22:08

This time we dug it in 2 hours!

And here is the result, two hours worth of digging, one small blister on my thumb and arms left feeling used but not destroyed.

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Sunday, 18 March 2012 21:47

Then we found this spade

One day whilst weeding and sorely regretting ever starting the allotment thing, one of our fellow allotmenteers came over and had to show us his toy he had borrowed from a friend. He led us to his plot where his 12 yearr old daughter was turning a plot similar to ours weed and neglect wise with ease.


We tried it ourselves and it seemed very good for a few spadefuls and I took some pictures with half a mind to get one made as they were not being built any more.


A year passed and it came around to the end of the winter and the beginning of the gut wrenching digging again. I was left so damaged by this last year that it had taken a year to get my back half right again. I said I probably couldn't go through this again and Helen even said that if it came to it she would do the digging! I decided that the only way to go on with the allotment was to try one of those autospades we had seen. I scoured Ebay and found a second hand one with all of its attachments for about £50. I sneaked the purchase through and waited for it to arrive.


The day it arrived, I was so excited and wanted to try it out as soon as possible. I knew that if this didn't work we would have to think seriously about giving up the allotment and this goes against our nature totally. I had it delivered to the office and when I got it home I announced that I had a present in the car for us. She twigged immediately, knowing the dread the digging held for me. I reminded her of her promise to do the digging this year....


We got it down to the allotment and it looked every bit as threatening as we had left it the previous week but a little lighter as someone had stolen our broccoli, cabbages and leeks that we had over wintered...


I started the first corner which had not been dug the previous year because it looked too nasty. It was where the previous encumbant had placed his shed and was a mass of spear grass and weeds. I started to turn the soil and it all went swimmingly. I started to dig a long trench and it flicked and inverted the soil as easy as pie. I made another cut, then another, it was so easy! Helen popped up at this point and had plucked up the courage to ask the million pound question, "Well, does it work?", "It was worth every penny!" I beamed. And it was too. In two hours I had dug the whole allotment from end to end including the really bad areas that we had left the previous year because you couldnd get a fork in it. We went out that evening and had a lovely time at a dinner party. the previous year when I had dug and rotivated the thing we went to a quiz night and we were nearly dead.


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Sunday, 18 March 2012 21:30

So we dug until our backs broke...

...then we dug some more...    Then we rotivated...


I am not sure if the rotivator was easier than digging but at least it provided a different set of blisters, aches and pains to take my mind off the digging marathon. It took us two days of solid graft to get this plot half dug...  I could have cried.


We struggled through our first year fighting a losing battle with the rampant weed fauna and for our efforts we grew:

Courgettes (too many)

Garlic (yummy)

Lettuces (gritty)

Tomatoes (well, three actually)

Asparagus (three)

Parsnips (not bad)

Beetroot (Awesome tubular variety)

Purple sprouting broccoli (stolen)

Leeks (stolen)

Romanescu broccoli (stolen)

Red onions (kept us going all year)

Artichokes (good but a little thin)

Kohlrabi (very good)

Spring onions (good)


In all not too bad for a first attempt but the weeds and thieves really took it out of us.


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Sunday, 18 March 2012 20:53

How our allotment started

This is how it looked when we started

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